Tips to Save $


Even though our rates offer the best value on Long Island, Blue Collar Moving℠ is proud to be a full-service moving company. We do it all…from carefully packing and protecting glassware to disassembling and moving heavy bedroom furniture.

However- since your job is estimated by the hours required to pack, move and unpack- you can save a substantial amount of money with just a modest amount of preparation.

During your in-home consultation, we will confirm with you exactly what small items you want us to pack and those that you choose to pack yourself. Naturally, the more items you have boxed and packaged properly ready to go on moving day, the more money you will save!


  • Meet your mover. Always get an in-home estimate if possible.
  • Disconnect all appliances and electronics
  • ALL loose items should be in boxes.
  • Reserve elevator if necessary.
  • Remove contents of dressers, armoires, entertainment centers, filing cabinets, desks, etc.
  • Make arrangements for kids and pets on moving day if possible.
  • Have someone available to direct movers as they bring furniture and other items into your new home or apartment.
  • Moving is a great time to sort through, throw out, give away or sell things you don’t want or need. Why pay to move them?
  • Utilize luggage and spare bins when packing.
  • Packing is a long and sometimes exhausting process. Do not wait until the day before you’re moving to start. Almost all moves require at least one week of packing. It’s not uncommon for families to start packing one month prior to moving day.
  • All lamps, lamp shades, and wall hangings must be thoroughly wrapped and packed in boxes prior to our arrival and going on the truck due to their delicate nature. If you are unable to do so prior, we can wrap and pack these items for you, for an additional fee of $25 per lamp, and $15 per wall hanging. Otherwise these items must be taken in your personal vehicles to avoid being damaged during transport.

Preparation = Savings

Doing some of the legwork (i.e. taking apart cribs, beds, removing table legs) can drastically reduce the time it takes to complete your move, ultimately saving your hard earned money.